I just thought I would start a blog for the purpose of telling the tale of day-to-day activities involving computers.

So on this lovely evening I am happy to announce that I have made a purchase!!! YEEEEHAA!

But, what did I buy?
I bought a new, sealed, never been opened…….. (drum roll)……….. Thinkpad!

Ok, so I know most of you will be saying “Duh, of course he bought one of those…. he ONLY buys and uses them”.
But I have in fact bought a Z61m Thinkpad. I got it from the US for $1050.00 (AUD) with postage (express) and full insurance.

The specs are as follows:
Intel Duo Core 1.7 GHZ
DVD-RW Combo Drive
Fingerprint Scanner
15.4 inch Wide Screen (with built-in webcam)
Titanium LCD lid
Windows Vista Business
3 years International Warranty

I think I might keep this baby…. or maybe just turn around and sell it!?
These machines go for about $1800.00 AUD here. That would fetch a pretty profit…. hehe…

Anyhow, we’ll see what comes out of this.
God Speed


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