Hard Disk Health (HDH)

There was a recent bit of reporting done about the possible harm that Ubuntu Linux was causing to your laptop hard drive while you are on battery power.
Basically every hard drive has a lifespan which is shortened by normal everyday usage. However there is also what is called a “Load Cycle” which is counted every time the hard drive is parked/unparked. This parking of the Hard Drive occurs when you are running on battery mode and, in an effort to save battery power, the hard drive is parked when its not being accessed — this is the idea anyhow.
Today’s laptop hard disks have a Load Cycle lifespan of about 600,000.

Now the scare regarding Ubuntu Linux was regarding this Load Cycle occurring much too frequently than should be. It was also alleged that under MS Windows the problem of excess Load Cycles was not present.

After having researched the issue further I found out some helpful things:

1) The hard disk manufacturers have created certain settings and configurations regarding their hard drives which include when they should park and unpark. These settings are themselves faulty and lead to a short hard drive lifespan. As such Ubuntu Linux (or any other Linux distro) bare no responsibility for the issue.

2) MS Windows is said to ignore the settings and configurations laid out by the manufacturers and sets up its own settings and configurations. However, it seems that not all MS Windows users have been spared and they too have been subject to short-lived hard drives.

3) For Linux users there are fixes. Thankfully there are whole community discussions occurring right now regarding this issue.

For more information and fixes go here:



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