The Big Mac — not McDonald

I have always had mixed feelings about the Apple’s Macintosh notebooks. On the one hand I loved the way their Operating System just seemed to work smooth and seamlessly – like the two, hardware and software, where made for each other. But then on the other hand I did not overly enjoy the thought of having a white “kitchen counter” to work at. In addition there is also the brainwashing by Microsoft which would like us to believe that computing is impossible without the “right-click”.

Well, the other day I got my hands on a Mac iBook G3. It was like a soft and sweet breeze of fresh air. Sure it is one of the older models, but it was still a very pleasant experience. I was totally taken aback by the ease of installing software – something about not having to click “NEXT” 5 times and then click “FINISH”. Instead, with a single “drag n’ drop” action all I had to do is wait for a few seconds till 100% was reached, and it was done!

When it comes to easy computing, the Mac is unrivaled. The machine boots quickly with a loaded Hard Drive and no defraging. Looking back at Windows after using this older Mac iBook is like looking back at a Hyundai after driving a Mercedes Benz –

Hyundai/Windows = premature releases + trying to copy other designs + flaws and issues all along the way (Built to need maintenance)
Mercedes Benz/Mac OS = mature releases + unique designs + no flaws, only normal use taking its toll (Built to last)

But, there is one thing that turn people away from Mac and into the arms of the Microsoft run PC… The MONEY!!!

Yes, Mac’s do cost heck and a half, and the PC is the cheapest way to go. However, like the old saying goes “You get what you pay for”. ‘Tis true that the Mac may not run some program that you “just love” and “can’t live without”, but maybe… just maybe, there is a piece of software that will run in Mac which will do even better!?

At the end of the day all I can say is that I felt useless using a Mac! Why?
Because there was nothing for me to fix or “get working”. I was cruising through the system on 5th gear.. and when I needed help the Mac built-in Help was actually …… helpful!

I wish they would make a Mac which was built with the features and likeness of an IBM Thinkpad, but with Mac OS! My dream machine!?


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