Virtual Machines…

So I have been busy re-doing my system on the T60 Thinkpad. It has been a lively past week with heaps of work removing a Trojan from around 15 PC’s (all of which run Windows of course) and then my own drama with the microphone (of all things) pooping out on my T60 – HA!

But I had nothing to worry about since my warranty is “On Site” warranty, which means IBM sends out a technician to repair my machine wherever I am. So he was here and gone within the hour and my machine was fixed….

I then went about re-installing Windows (on a 5.5GB partotion) to be followed closely with Ubuntu Gutsy taking the rest of the HDD for itself.

But what I really wanted to talk about here has to do with Virtual Machines.
I am sure many of you use, or have used, a VM at one time or another, and I have played around and worked with a few myself. But I always was unhappy with the space that the VM/s were taking on my system’s hard drive.

Sooooo……… I decided I wanted to run my virtual machine off of my External USB Hard Drive instead……

I went to and created myself a VM. Then I copied the unzipped files to my USB hard drive and loaded my .vmx file with VMware Player and viola….. oops… not so fast…. what’s this?…. an Error?…. arg……. something about memory allocation……..

No worries, after a few minutes on the vmware irc chat I got the fix… and here it is for you all…

Open your .vmx file in your text editor of choice and add the following to the file (anywhere):

This fix was in fact needed because I was trying to run the VM on an NTFS hard drive.

So there you have it… and now I have my VM’s running off of my external Hard Drive….. yipee!


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