Vista well-being???

By Bryan:

Memory cards will work as well on vista as they did in XP, no question. USB interface drivers are open and not changed between versions of windows.

What’s to say that apple is more inovative than microsoft? Is it because they package their operating systems with overpriced hardware or because they’ve designed a one button mouse that caters for those who have no fingers? But hold on, to ‘right click’ using an Apple mouse, you need to hold down the control key so our fingerless comrades are still at a loss!

The fact of the matter is that microsoft designed vista from the bottom up and in the process they intentionally threw out a lot of backward compatibility features that were inherited from as far back as windows 95! They did this to increase performance and security. It’s called progression. Yes, it’s true that a LOT of old hardware and software simply will not work on vista. If you rely on old hardware and software, don’t upgrade to vista until you are ready to invest in newer applications. Vista will take a long time to gain as much market acceptance as XP has done over the last 5 years or so.

Anybody in the IT world knows that most people are naturally opposed to change. Vista a a big change. It’s a vast progression of technology that performs better than any previous version of windows when run on the right hardware specs. Install XP and vista each on a new intel core based machine with all the same specs and you will find vista outperforms XP hands down.

I use the new features of vista every day. The file search is amazingly fast and searches not only in the name and attributes of each file but also in the contents of each text based file.

I’m not partial to any particular operating system manufacturer. I threw out linux when I installed red hat and it took me two days to learn how to mount a flash drive. I stopped considering apple’s products when I took a look at the price tag. I was shocked when vista came out at the price it is but at least i had access to afforable hardware, so I took the plunge and have never looked back. I supppose I’m just lucky that I don’t rely on legacy applications for my day to day tasks.

In response to Bryan:

I have to mention here that you are completely wrong in most of your statement regarding the well-being of MS Vista!

I have used MS Windows, Apple Mac and GNU/Linux.

All three systems have their strong points and their weak spots too, however MS Windows Vista (and Windows generally) is by far the most unnecessarily problematic.

The reason I say “unnecessarily” is due to the fact that MS charges a handsome price for its OS, whereas GNU/Linux OS’s can be acquired free-of-charge, and Mac, even thought they may have higher prices then anyone else, are by far the least problem-prone of the three.

So Apple charges a hefty price for a pretty “tight” OS. GNU/Linux is obtainable for absolutely nothing and is pretty darn slick and secure (from virus and malware attacks etc). And then MS is charging a solid price for an Operating System that is EXTREMELY prone to Virus attacks, malware and spyware, not to mention blue screen, hardware issues of its own and now (in fair comparison to any other present-day OS) a monstrously bulky and resource hungry system.

This is not an exaggeration.

You say: “Install XP and vista each on a new intel core based machine with all the same specs and you will find vista outperforms XP hands down.”

Completely false.

I have used Vista on Desktops and Laptops, brand new machines and second hand ones. I have used Vista on a Centrino 1.6 GHZ machine and on an Intel Duo Core 2.3 GHZ unit and many more in between. I am thoroughly experienced in having tested Windows Vista and Windows XP (and Linux) on a host of PC’s, old and young.

I am telling you that no stretch of the imagination could allow me to say that Vista out-performs XP! – and THAT is a fact!

Clients have been pouring in to get Vista off of their machines and will fork out an extra 200 bucks just to get XP Pro up and running again. And, by the way, my clients are pretty computer savvy themselves and tell me that their brand new machines are running slower then their 2 year-old machine with XP on it.

Another major flunk-it in your post was this one: “Memory cards will work as well on vista as they did in XP, no question. USB interface drivers are open and not changed between versions of windows.”

Not true! From the Home Basic version to Ultimate, Vista refuses to automatically recognize and install the appropriate drivers for generic Media Cards and USD Flash Drives, out of the box. Instead, unlike in XP, you have to install additional drivers to meet those accessory needs.

You say you are not partial to any operating system? What a joke! You reek of prejudice and bias!

It may be that you have had a “wonderful experience” with Vista, yes, but you have to understand that you are just one user! Come out of the closet and take a look around you … its a small world, but there are a lot of people in it!


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