NEW iPod Nano in Ubuntu

Here is how to get your NEW iPod Nano to work in Ubuntu with Rythmbox.


New IT Tool…. The Nokia N800

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is a powerful and sleek pocket-sized computer.
This little gadget has WiFi and Bluetooth built in for internet and connectivity to other Devices and Networks. There are also two SD card slots so that you can extend the memory of the device for storage and system usage. With a built-in mic, speakers and webcam you can easily see yourself enjoying a rich method of online communication on-the-go.

This device has a custom-made version of Linux with the following applications:

– Web Browser (powered y Mozilla)
– RSS Feeder
– Full Bookmark keeping
– Address Book
– Email Client
– Internet Call (Voice and Video)
– Internet Chat
– File Manager
– Calculator
– Clock
– Audio and Video Player
– Image Viewer
– Rhapsody
– Notepad
– Map
– PDF Reader
– Powerful Search Tool
– Chess, Blocks, Marbles

But, hey, remember this is the world of Linux which means that…..

Gone are the days of scrounging around for mobile applications, most of which are costly and require you to have your PDA hooked up to your Desktop or Laptop in order to install through a finicky application like ActiveSync. Now, with the Nokia N770, 800 and 810, you are directly connected to an online repository (source) of completely free and open source software which can be installed at the tap of your stylus on the touch-screen.

Maemo-Mapper is only one of the many wonderfully designed pieces of software, but this little application boasts a fabulously useful feature of being able to download maps of an entire are or city in multiple levels of zoom. It also works fluently with GPS devices which can be connected wire-less via Bluetooth. But if you don’t have a GPS unit you can still have a complete map of your city or area of choice …. readily available to you whether you are in a WiFi zone or not.

The Media playback of both Video and Audio is fantastic. The speakers perform amazingly well and the mic has a good range, but also cuts out white noise. The webcam is ejected from the left side of the device and works well with Gizmo (A Skype alternative) and the native Internet Call application. You can also install Skype on this device and it works real well (although video is not yet featured for this version of Skype… however it should be out soon).

For $320 (US) this device will really take you places. I think it has great potential.