AWN in Ubuntu Linux…

What is AWN? Avant-Window-Navigator.
In Windows there is the ObjectDock and the Mac has its own version of this handy and sleek-looking all-purpose Dock.

(Note: be online when following this tutorial)

– Step One
Open the Software Sources preferences: (System>Administration>Software Sources)

Then click on the tab that says: Third-Party Software
Then click the “Add” button

– Step Two
Now in the little window that opens copy/paste this into the blank area:

deb hardy main

then click the “Add Source” button.

Now do the same thing but copy/paste this into the blank area:

deb-src hardy main

and then click the “Add Source” button.
Now “Close” the Software Sources window to bring you back to the Synaptic Package Manager.

(For Gutsy just replace the “hardy” for “gutsy” in the two lines you pasted above)

– Step Three

Next open the Terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and copy/paste the following lines into is pressing “Enter” after each line:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-data-trunk avant-window-navigator-trunk awn-manager-trunk awn-extras-applets-trunk

This will complete the installation

You can now start AWN from Applications->Accessories->Avant Window Navigator


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2 Responses to “AWN in Ubuntu Linux…”

  1. Mark Lee Says:

    Thanks for promoting Awn! I have one correction to make: reacocard (the maintainer of the repository that you’re pointing to) has moved his repository to Launchpad:

    I hope that you continue to enjoy using Awn!

    -Mark (Awn/Awn Extras Developer)

  2. Jack Says:

    Thanks Mark for the heads-up!
    How-To has been updates to reflect the changes.

    – Jack

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