Screenlets in Ubuntu Linux…

Here is how to get those cool-looking Screenlets going on your Ubuntu Linux computer. Screenlets are the equivalent to Widgets and Gadgets on a Microsoft or Mac operating system.

(Note: be online when following this tutorial)

– Step One
Open you Synaptic Package Manager. (System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager)

Then go to: Settings>Repositories
Then click on the tab that says: Third-Party Software
Then click the “Add” button

– Step Two
Now in the little window that open copy/paste this into the blank area:

deb gutsy main universe

and then click the “Add Source” button.
Now “Close” the Software Sources window to bring you back to the Synaptic Package Manager.

– Step Three
Once you are back with the Synaptic Package Manager go ahead and click the “Reload” button. This will refresh the changes you made to the Source list.
Once it is completed, click on the “Search” button and search for: screenlets
Two item should appear… screenlets and screenlets-doc.
Click on the little box beside the “screenlets” entry and select “Mark for Installation” and then click the “Apply” button above.
This will begin the download and installation process which should be quick, depending on your internet speed, of course.

And finally, when it has finished you can close Synaptic Package Manager and proceed to open Screenlets in: System>Preferences>Screenlets
Remember to that there are many more screenlets that can be selected and installed.



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