Ideapad Y510 and Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04)…

I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 8.04 32bit on the Ideapad Y510 with Intel’s X3100 graphics chipset and it was not a lot better than Ubuntu 7.10 32bit. Here are some specifics:

– Webcam…
…did not work! — just like in Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)

– Subwoofer…
…did not work out of the box … needed some minor tweaking …

– Compiz…
…worked out-of-the-box

– Screen Brightness/dimness…
…was reversed! This is something which was working 100% correctly in Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) but in Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) seems to have itself completely backwards (ie. dims when it should brighten and brightens when it should dim).
The issue has been reported as a bug to the Ubuntu team and there is a technician assigned to it … so a fix should be out soon.

– Wireless…

– Screen Resolution…
… perfect!

– SD Card Reader…

Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) was a welcome upgrade to the Ubuntu lineup, however the fact that it still had a number of pretty “basic” issues was a bit of a let-down on the Ideapad Y510.


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