Is your Hard Drive working itself to death?

Whichever OS you are running, be it MS Windows or Linux, your Hard Drive could be working itself to death by performing anywhere between 4 – 150 cycles every 15 minutes. Here is some information of how to test your machine for this hard drive life-shortening issue in Ubuntu Linux (Gutsy and Hardy), as well as MS Windows (Towards end of post):

There are two main fixes for Linux (Ubuntu), and here are the differences between the two:

FIX 1…
This fix stops the hard drive head from parking altogether, weather you are on AC or Battery power!

Click HERE

FIX 2…
This fix stops the hard drive head from parking while on AC power and enables it when you are on battery. This is preferred for those who find themselves on-the-go quite often.

Click HERE


2 Responses to “Is your Hard Drive working itself to death?”

  1. JoshC Says:

    Good council in general, but it gives SOLUTION only for Linux OS, and leave Windows users whit a thought that their “Hard Drive working itself to death”.

    And i think users also should know that setting hdparm -B 255 will turn of the head auto parking, which means that if you will shake your laptop or hit your desk top there’s a good possibility that you hard drive will actually die! (not parked heads can scratch the disk and bye-bye birdy!)

    So there’s should be a good balance between parking and not parking 🙂
    I prefer to rum my Linux from RAM and read data from memory card, it slower but, surely can save battery and keep hdd turn off at all! only when i need to get some data from it.

  2. Jack Says:

    If you look at the end of the post there is an area for MS Windows users!

    I have updated the post to represent the full repercussions of applying the 255 value. Thanks!

    As for running Linux in RAM …. few people have the amount of RAM needed for that, so its not a very usable alternative.


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