Thinkpad X301

Yes, there was recently a Thinkpad called the X200 and before then the X300, but now we have caught a glimpse of the Thinkpad X301.

This roadrunner of a notebook is 20% more powerful than the X300 partly due to DDR3 memory being used. The screen remains at the neat size of 13.3 inches and this Thinkpad will be making use of the all-new ultra-low-voltage Intel Core 2 Duo CPU giving the end user boosted performance coupled with rock-your-world battery life. In addition the X301 will come with a 128GB SSD Drive in September this year.

Business Wire reports that “New support for DisplayPort makes viewing high definition content easy and ideal for models with the ultra-thin DVD burner. With support for both DisplayPort and VGA, users can even watch high definition content on multiple displays.
The ThinkPad X301 notebook also continues Lenovo’s focus on environmentally-responsible design. Its 13.3-inch LED backlit display, solid state drive storage and other energy-efficient technologies help make it rated Gold by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. This designation adds to Lenovo’s portfolio of Gold-rated ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop PCs.”


2 Responses to “Thinkpad X301”

  1. Sparsham Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for Lenovo news as I’m in the market for a new laptop and will ONLY buy a Thinkpad. I’m curious to see a hands on of the SL300. I’ve got a x40 and want to upgrade but, the SLs don’t seem as rugged as the X series.

  2. Jack Says:

    The SL Series are hardly Thinkpads in that they are cheaper quality and not at all the legendary Thinkpad quality. They were brought into the lineup to allow small and medium sized businesses to afford a Thinkpad laptop for their employees.

    I would not recommend anyone who is fond of Thinkpad quality to buy an SL series machine as you would find it most likely inferior to the Thinkpad you have come to know.

    However if someone is looking to get a Thinkpad but does not want to fork out the regular price, than the SL Series is a very good option as you get a lot of spec for your buck as well as a pretty good quality machine overall when compared to the other brands and models in this machine type (ie. Dell Vostro).

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