External USB2.0 Hard Drive …

I got an External Hard Drive enclosure the other day which connects via a USB2.0 cable. The device was working fine except when I would want to copy data to the Hard Drive. Copying data FROM the Hard Drive worked perfectly which really puzzled me.

I tried the device in both Linux and Windows and had the same issue. I tried a few Hard Drives and still no difference.

Then, when in Linux, I opened a Terminal and did dmesg to view the latest happening on new hardware being found. I could see where the entry was for the external Hard Drive being plugged in and I could see that it looked fine. So I decided to repeat the action which triggered the Hard Drive freeze-up when trying to copy data TO the drive. Sure enough an entry appeared in the Terminal after doing dmesg again.

I Googled the output line and read through about 3 pages of forum posts until I read one guy saying that for him it was just a matter of a faulty USB cable. So … with my symbolic fingers crossed … I swapped the USB cable and tried to copy data to the Hard Drive …. IT WORKED!!!! I could not believe it.

But yes, it was a simple matter of changing the USB cable. 🙂


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