Update Wicd on Ubuntu Hardy …

Recently when I accepted the update of Wicd on my system, I was annoyed to find that my Wicd tray icon no longer loaded with login.
Here is what has happened…

In a previous post I wrote:

In GNOME, to get the tray icon to automatically appear at boot, go to System > Preferences > Sessions. In the “Startup Programs” tab, click the “New” button. Give it a name (”Wicd” works fine). For the command, enter “/opt/wicd/tray.py”.

That command (/opt/wicd/tray.py) is now obsolete. Here is the new command:


So with that knowledge everything was ok and the update was a welcomed thing as it brought new features and a more streamlined GUI. I just wished that they would have mentioned somehow the change with the tray icon.


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