Banshee vs Exaile

I had started out using Xmms and Rythymbox as my Music players in Ubuntu Linux … that was until I tried out Exaile.

Exaile is a lightweight, no-nonsense audio player with all the features I ever needed for playing music. You can download and install Exaile straight from the Ubuntu repositories via Synaptic or Add/Remove Applications.

About a week ago I decided to give Banshee a try and initially liked the simplicity of the layout and thought it worked pretty smoothly. I haggled a bit trying to find the volume control, but finally found it. Then I tried to figure out where the graphical equalizer was and was almost a bit upset when I found out that Banshee does not have one in Ubuntu 8.04.

Banshee will have that feature in Ubuntu 8.10 …. or so I have heard.

So for now I am sticking to Exaile as my favorite Audio Player in Ubuntu.


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