Fresh install of Intrepid …

After about a week of having had updated from Hardy to Intrepid I decided to reformat and go with a fresh install of Intrepid.

All went well through the installation as usual. When I booted up the first thing that caught my attention was the wireless connectivity which seemed completely hopeless. I could see wireless networks but could not connect to them. I am still seeing how it goes but basically what I have done so far is to install Wicd to replace the default Gnome Network Manager and install ubuntu-restricted-extras from Synaptic Package Manager. After a reboot it seems to have been better … but time will tell.

The next thing I noticed was that the printer (HP LaserJet 1010 USB Printer) was not printing from any applications and the only thing that worked was printing a Test Page from the Printing Properties dialogue. This turned out to be a problem with the driver that was installed by default. To fix it I just deleted the installed printer and created a new one with the CUPS+Gutenprint driver instead of the Foomatic one.

Altogether it took me about 2 and a half hours to reinstall Ubuntu and reinstall all my 32 previously used programs as well as migrate all my Email and other settings from my backup. Incredible!


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