Firefox, Flash and Ubuntu Hardy…

As you know not too long ago I upgraded my machines to Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). However just a couple days ago I reverted back to Ubuntu 8.04 on my ThinkPad due to experiencing Kernel Panics and sound distortion. I did attempt to find the cause for the Kernel Panics, and I did find that I was not the only one experiencing this with Intrepid, but the solution was no where in sight.

Hardy was back up and running with all my programs (30+) and all my mail and firefox backups in about 2 hours. Things were already better without the Kernel Panics. There was one thing though which I noticed pretty much right away which was causing me trouble in Hardy. It seemed that when I would have Firefox open and was viewing Flash video content (ie. YouTube) that my sound ont he rest of the system would no longer work. For example if I had a Flash video playing in Firefox and I also opened up a music player like Exaile or Banshee and tried to play an audio file it would not play – also Pidgin sounds would no longer work.

I think I found the solution and it was remarkably simple. All I did was install a package called “libflashsupport”. You can do this via the Synaptic Package Manager or with the Terminal. In the terminal it is a simple command of:

sudo apt-get install libflashsupport

After installing the package you should close and reopen Firefox. Then play a Flash video and try to play music through your media player at the same time.


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