Ubuntu Intrepid …

Just a word of warning to those planing on upgrading from Hardy (8.04) to Intrepid (8.10).

Many computer (especially Laptop) users are complaining of experiencing Kernel Panics with Ubuntu 8.10 and it seems much of the issue can be traced to wireless networking. There is no known fix which works across the board so many either revert back to Ubuntu 8.04 or they carry on despite the issue.

One thing you may find however is that Kubuntu 8.10 works fine without any kernel panics, as several users have experienced. I myself have Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) as my main OS, Kubuntu Intrepid (8.10) as my secondary for testing purposes etc … and then Windows XP Pro for support purposes. Ubuntu Intrepid makes my laptop experience a kernel panic on a daily basis, whereas Kubuntu Intrepid has not had a single kernel panic since I have installed it over a month ago.


MP5 Player in Ubuntu Hardy/Intrepid

Just a word of warning … if you use Ubuntu Linux and you are planning on getting a MP3 player, do not get the device called the “MP5” player as you will not be able to mount the device in Linux.

I am looking into this issue further but it is still unclear what the problem is exactly.