Linux Experience Feedback Report!

This is something new I hope to do every now and then. Basically a little survey filled out by someone (a Linux user).

    The Linux Experience Feedback Report

Q: What is your occupation?

A: I am a freelance web developer, programmer, and networking consultant.

Q: What is your age range? (15-20 / 20-25 / 25-30 / 30-40 / 40+)

A: 15-20

Q: From a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 is the best) how would you rate your computer literacy?

A: 8.571832

Q: When did you first attempt to use Linux (Year! Month if you can), what distribution was it and what prompted you to try Linux?

A: I don’t remember exactly. I recall Ubuntu 6.06 as being one of my early distros, which would place me close to 6/2006, however I feel like I’ve been using it since earlier than that…

Q: Did you like and continue to use Linux from the very first time you tried it? (If “No”, why not? If “Yes” you can skip the next question.)

A: No, one of my earliest Linux experiences involved buying a computer and trying to install red hat Linux on it. this was pre-2000, and I as I recall, that computer wound up on eBay 😉

Q: How long was it before you tried Linux again, what distribution was it and how was your experience this time?

A: Quite a while, however given that I started with Ubuntu, I took to it like a fish to water.

Q: Do you use Linux now? (If “Yes”, what distro? If “No”, why not?)

A: Yes. I vary from week to week, at the moment I am using a stripped-down Ubuntu 8.10, however that can vary from Source Mage, through Gentoo, up to Debian or a later Ubuntu.

Q: (If you use Linux …) Do you use Windows as well as Linux? If you do, please tell us why and/or for which tasks specifically.

A: Yes, the Linux version of “Packet Tracer” (A cisco network simulator) is at the moment nearly unusable, and I also enjoy the occasional first person shooter, or a few hours of GTA. I use Linux for any serious stuff though.

Q: In your own words, do you think Linux is ready for the average Home Computer User? (If “No”, why not? If “Yes”, for how long has it been ready and why?)

A: Yes and No. The average is hard to define in people, however I would say that the average Home Computer user is becoming tech savvy enough to be ready for a user-friendly distro like Ubuntu, however Linux is certainly not ready for your grandmother yet. Often, however, if a user only needs Web browsing capibilities (accessing webmail, keeping up to date with the news, etc.) and an office suite, Linux can serve the purpose without needing to be particularly user friendly. Really, at this point I would say No in general, then say Yes on a great number of individual cases.



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