Ubuntu Hardy on the Zonbu Mini

How to upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

How To — Play DVD’s in Ubuntu

How To — Speed up Ubuntu 7.04


2 Responses to “How-To’s”

  1. iVn Says:

    jus wondering about putting linux on my LT
    but keeping vista too

    can it be done other than partitioning the drive?

    do I have to reload the whole system to partition
    & is that hard?

    can info store work with vista

    how about the teletrf
    I got the one they made
    but havent opned it yet

    & pgp
    will an older version
    work on vista?

    sorry, i am so behind

    tks for ur time


  2. Jack Says:

    Ubuntu Linux and Vista can run side by side. If you have Windows Vista installed on your PC you can install Ubuntu Linux right along side it without removing Vista.

    InfoStore 3.0 has been tested within Ubuntu Linux and works though a program called Crossover Linux.

    PGP is built into Ubuntu Linux and is usable through a variety of tools and utilities.

    As for InfoStore and Teletrf working in Vista … we here do not technically support Vista and basically stay clear of it “like the plague” due to an array of reasons. You would do best to test Infostore and any other software on Vista yourself … or just get rid of Vista and opt for Windows XP Pro or Linux.

    Take Care
    The FSRC Team

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