Firefox/Flash crashing in Ubuntu …

I have been having this issue in Ubuntu for a while. The problem occurs when I play Flash content (ie. YouTube or Google Video) and just as the video is about start playing Firefox crashes. This does not happen each and every time though, but its pretty regular.

So here is how I fixed the issue.

STEP 1: Download the latest Adobe Flash plugin from

STEP 2: Open Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager) and search for “flash”. In the list find the package called “flashplugin-nonfree” and mark for Complete Removal. Apply the changes and close Synaptic.

STEP 3: Go back to the Adobe Flash plugin you downloaded and install the package. Restart Firefox and your done!

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3 Responses to “Firefox/Flash crashing in Ubuntu …”

  1. Mark Messenger Says:

    I saw that Dan was working a year ago on an Infostore 3.deb package and was 70% done. Is this now available? Would appreciate it as my antivirus deleted almost all my exe files because they were infected with w32/Sality.y. So now I’m trying to switch over to Ubuntu
    Do you know a way to disinfect the rest of my files?

    Thanks and appreciation, Mark

    • Admin Says:

      If your switching over to Ubuntu you won’t have any need of your EXE files so no need to try to disinfect them. As for the rest of your files such as documents, pics and music etc … you can safely place them in your Home folder in Ubuntu (Linux is not affected by Windows viruses) and use ClamAV, Avast or AVG (the Linux versions) to scan your Home folder and clean your files. However, the likelihood that your docs, pics or media files are infected are very slim since viruses attack executable and system files more than anything else.

      I have no update on the development of InfoStore for Linux as of yet.

    • Admin Says:

      Also thought I should mention that the blog has carried on here:

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