Thinkpad to be renamed “little black”???

I mean what is this world coming to when it decides that they are going to take the world-renown laptop brand name of “Thinkpad” and rename it into “Little Black”???
Is it just me or is this plain insanity? Why not call it something elegant of just leave it the way it is? How ridiculously corny does “Little Black” sound for a business machine?
I mean, that sounds like something you would name your male “smaller self” if your last name is “Black”. You would not go into a room of computer people and say “Hey, I have a little black”. HA! They would be like “oh ok…. a little black what?…. dick?…. hahahaha”.

Gosh, I hope IBM are planning to say something about it…. ridiculous!!


3 little men …

MS Windows (not Vista):

This operating system will bring you a decent amount of productivity and satisfaction on just about every level of computing.
With a glutinous amount of compatible applications you will most certainly find something there which will be just right for you.
It will also be very compatible with an array of hardware and, with the correct drivers on hand, will respond well to new hardware being installed.
The GUI is easy in some respects, dumb in others and plain ridiculous at other times.
Error messages are written in such a way that only the average “MS wizz” can know what its actually saying.
It is prone to virus, malware and spyware attacks and needs a regular de-fragmentation of the Hard Drive to keep it running at a respectable speed.
It is also prone to sudden freezes, memory dumps and blue-screens. Loss of data is not a phenomena to MS Windows’ users.
Whether you get this operating system by itself or included with the purchase of a PC, know that you are paying for it. You do not buy a PC with a free copy of Windows – the cost is simply added into the price of the PC.
Even though you pay for this operating system you will still have to install regular security patches and bug fixes which will add to your maintenance to-do list.

Conclusion: Take the bad with the good. Backing up nearly all of the time is your best friend. No matter how much you try to protect yourself against outside attacks your system will still be vulnerable. Very “loud” operating system – always in your face!

Mac OS X

This operating system is all about productivity. If you want to turn on your machine and have it “just work” then Mac OS X is the unrivalled choice.
Adding and removing programs has never been simpler.
It will perform at relatively good speeds and fluidity.
It allows the software to become the most powerful tools for Audio, Video, graphic and layout productions.
Mac OSX does not suffer from virus attacks, malware or spyware – at least none to speak of.
It is only really compatible with hardware produced by Apple and it is illegal to install it on a PC.
Apple hardware is not cheap and as such remains mostly in the hands of Apple lovers and professional productions profiles (with heaps of money).
The operating system has a very easy-to-learn GUI and is generally stable and not prone to freezing. Loss of data is uncommon among Apple users.
Maintenance of your Mac OS is pretty much non-existent — no de-fragmentation needed, no virus/spyware/malware threat.

Conclusion: If you have the money, get Mac OS on an Apple machine! It is really worth it if you are seriously into any kind of high production level for design or creation. Very Quite operating system — generally nigh to invisible. Don’t spend your time getting your operating system working on your machine — spend your time working on your machine.

Linux (Ubuntu):

This operating system is all about user-customization and flexibility.
Officially the easiest operating system to install.
Operating system comes with bundled office suite and graphic manipulation and creation applications.
It can be installed on a Apple or a PC computer.
Ubuntu can be customized to act 99% like MacOS X.
It is not prone to virus/malware/spyware attacks.
No de-fragmentation needed.
Hardware compatibility without the need for additional drivers is superb. There is hardware that will need their own drivers and this can be somewhat time consuming depending on the hardware in question and your know-how.
For those wanting to add more hardware and/or tinker with Linux, you will need to learn some basic terminal commands.
There are over 20’000 programs which are free-of-charge and free (open source) which can be easily installed or uninstalled through Ubuntu’s package manager.
Updates occur not just for the operating system but for every program you installed through the package manager, keeping both your operating system and applications up-to-date.
Many native-MS Windows applications will not run off-the-bat in Ubuntu Linux. There are however a myriad of ways to overcome this hurdle (Crossover, WINE, Virtual machines).
Ubuntu Linux is free to download and use.

Conclusion: If you want complete and free legal power over your computer and its operating system, then Ubuntu Linux is the unrivalled choice. If coming from Windows, be prepared to put aside some time in the first 2-3 weeks to get used to the GUI and general Linux environment. Linux is not Windows and is not trying to be anything like it, so don’t rush into it thinking it is “like Windows”. Get ready to learn new programs and methods for accomplishing the same tasks that you would perform on any other operating system. Realize that Ubuntu Linux is changing and evolving from a very immature and “primitive” PC operating system to a mature and readily excepted one.

PS : wrote this down in a very hurried slot of time. probably missed tons of stuff all over the place….. let me know what you think….

Adobe Reader 8 for Linux

Thats right people. You can now obtain Adobe Reader 8 from HERE for Linux.

MegaBite Magazine

How about it? I thought of starting a FSRC magazine called “MegaBite”… would anyone be interested in receiving a couple issues a month of various computing related highlights?

The Big Mac — not McDonald

I have always had mixed feelings about the Apple’s Macintosh notebooks. On the one hand I loved the way their Operating System just seemed to work smooth and seamlessly – like the two, hardware and software, where made for each other. But then on the other hand I did not overly enjoy the thought of having a white “kitchen counter” to work at. In addition there is also the brainwashing by Microsoft which would like us to believe that computing is impossible without the “right-click”.

Well, the other day I got my hands on a Mac iBook G3. It was like a soft and sweet breeze of fresh air. Sure it is one of the older models, but it was still a very pleasant experience. I was totally taken aback by the ease of installing software – something about not having to click “NEXT” 5 times and then click “FINISH”. Instead, with a single “drag n’ drop” action all I had to do is wait for a few seconds till 100% was reached, and it was done!

When it comes to easy computing, the Mac is unrivaled. The machine boots quickly with a loaded Hard Drive and no defraging. Looking back at Windows after using this older Mac iBook is like looking back at a Hyundai after driving a Mercedes Benz –

Hyundai/Windows = premature releases + trying to copy other designs + flaws and issues all along the way (Built to need maintenance)
Mercedes Benz/Mac OS = mature releases + unique designs + no flaws, only normal use taking its toll (Built to last)

But, there is one thing that turn people away from Mac and into the arms of the Microsoft run PC… The MONEY!!!

Yes, Mac’s do cost heck and a half, and the PC is the cheapest way to go. However, like the old saying goes “You get what you pay for”. ‘Tis true that the Mac may not run some program that you “just love” and “can’t live without”, but maybe… just maybe, there is a piece of software that will run in Mac which will do even better!?

At the end of the day all I can say is that I felt useless using a Mac! Why?
Because there was nothing for me to fix or “get working”. I was cruising through the system on 5th gear.. and when I needed help the Mac built-in Help was actually …… helpful!

I wish they would make a Mac which was built with the features and likeness of an IBM Thinkpad, but with Mac OS! My dream machine!?

Skype Video — For Linux!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Skype video for Linux IS HERE!!!!

Download it now!

Flash ActiveX Script…

I think I am going to take the plunge and learn it. Thing is that it is such a powerful tool and so few really know how to utilize it, so I thought I would really give it a shot.

I have dabbled in the simpler side of FLASH gimmicks already, and even at that I am nowhere near proficient. But you know what they say…. necessity is the mother of learning…. to paraphrase it.

So “ONWARD, EVER ONWARD” I shall cry!