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Thinkpad X31 and Ubuntu 9.04

I am typing this from my newly purchased IBM Thinkpad X31 loaded with Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 9.04.

Firstly I have to say something about the machine itself, and then I will go on a bit about how Linux is doing on this notebook.

From the time I opened the box and saw the laptop I was overjoyed. This unit is small and super portable but at the same time it isn’t so small that you feel you are falling off of it all the time. I have had a lot of opportunity to handle, use and just fool around with a variety of Netbooks, ASUS EEEpc, MSI, ACER, HP and the Lenovo S10, but nothing comes close to this X31 in my opinion.
This ultra-portable has a 12 inch screen so its small and lightweight but very comfortable. Mine came with an 80GB hard drive, 1.25GB of RAM, ATI Graphics card with dedicated video memory, Firewire, 2 x USB2.0, CF Card slot, PCMCIA slot, VGA out, Lan/Wifi/Modem, portable docking station with DVD Burner and more ports — all for $320 (AUD) including shipping!

Sure, this machine is not new and it isn’t a glossy or shiny gadget, but its got a lot of heart and the price is great for the quality and features you get – I would take this little beauty over a Netbook any day!

Now on to Linux…

I loaded Ubuntu 9.04 on here from the start. All the hardware was picked up and working from “GO”!
Ubuntu 9.04 does seem to run just a slight bit sluggish though and I am going to try out putting either Ubuntu Hardy LTS, Xubuntu or even Ubuntu Remix.

Overall its been superb with not a single hitch in this run!

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