Alternative to OpenOffice Writer…

I was looking at a tutorial just the other day and in it was mentioned the AbiWord Word Processor. I thought I would give it a try … and so I installed it on my Ubuntu Gutsy laptop.

The first time I opened it I thought to myself “Boy, this is a zippy program”. It opened in about 1 1/2 seconds and was ready for input from the start. Also, spell check was up and running automatically in the language I needed.

Seems like AbiWord might be something you may like to try out if you find yourself battling with OpenOffice Writer which can be a slight bit cumbersome at times.

AbiWord may not have all the features of Writer, but it can deal with MS Word documents and most likely has about 90% of the features that Writer possesses. So give it a try….

To install it on your Ubuntu Linux computer, just go to your Add and Remove Applications tool and type in “abiword” and install it off the internet. — Have fun —


One Response to “Alternative to OpenOffice Writer…”

  1. Dan Says:

    Abiword is also available for Windows — it’s decent and a fast word processor if that’s what you need.

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